How MOH reached 400k views in 2 days?


In the midst of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health (MOH) was looking for a way to reach the targeted local community and raise awareness using an online campaign promoting the benefits of vaccination against COVID-19. With the help of Quantum, it reached around 400k views in 2 days! 


  • MOH needed to increase awareness of the COVID-19 vaccine by delivering effective in-app messages targeted to segments of the population that have higher levels of vaccine hesitancy.

Why build brand awareness?

  • Generating brand awareness will help promote products, expand audiences, increase viewability, and increase engagement.
  • Brand awareness also helps to educate customers and develop customer loyalty through advertising content in the services provided.


  • The government found it difficult to generate brand awareness and reach the targeted community which resulted in vaccination delays and refusals. 

In order to build brand awareness, it is important to establish trust and invaluable brand equity that allows your brand to be on top of consumers’ minds.

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  •  MOH’s media buying received 394,251 impressions in 2 days.
  • Increased user engagement of different branded users: 1,185 using Huawei devices, 31,537 using Android devices and 361,529 using IOS devices 


  • We helped MOH meet its on-target reach by connecting it to our relevant local partner,  who focused their efforts on building and fostering a dedicated social community by using pop-up messages on their platform which reduced the awareness of vaccine hesitancy and increased vaccine acceptance among the target audience. 

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