AdTech to Advance Your Ads for Better Conversion

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AdTech to Advance Your Ads for Better Conversion

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Create or optimize your retail media assets. quantum enables your entire marketing ecosystem.


Publish your ads to the exact target audience while easily tracking campaign in real-time.


Effortlessly onboard clients and manage their campaigns with ease through your agency account.

All in ONE Platform

By leveraging an omnichannel platform, Quantum One bridges the gap between online and offline shopping, delivering a unified and seamless retail experience.

Boost Your



Attract new customers, nurture lasting loyalty, and effectively connect your initiatives to tangible sales outcomes.

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Quantum E-sampling

We can deliver your samples to your target audience through E-commerce targeting the behavior of the end customer

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Programmatic Ads

the smart way to reach your potential customers at the lowest cost by displaying your ads on websites to the target audience accurately

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Media Buying

publish your ads on multiple E-commerce channels by Quantum platform to target your consumer at purchase for better conversion

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Instore Activation

Instore media targets a captive audience, boosts sales, and creates memorable brand experiences, maximizing marketing impact at the point of purchase.


Out Of Home

Quantum provides broad reach, impactful visuals, and constant exposure, enhancing brand visibility and engagement across diverse audiences and locations.

Goal attainment

Evaluate how well your campaigns are achieving your defined marketing objectives.

Customer engagement

Better Customer experience, Targeting, and Retention.

ROI tracking

Measure the return on investment for your marketing campaigns.

Insightful Analytics

Analyze metrics like website traffic, CPC, CPI, CPO conversion rates

Gain control



Quantum Ads Marketplace connects retailers, brands and agencies with a single and intuitive platform to trade and exchange media across the open commerce ecosystem

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