Quantum is Fresher than Ever!

“ Have you ever thought of ways to increase your app sales by in-app personalized ads? I mean why not! To scale your in-app ad revenue you need the right technology and network, that’s what we do. We enable you with a customized ad solution so you can scale in no time. We are simply unlocking e-commerce media potential, together” 

  • Omar Malaikah, CEO of Quantum.

Ad revenues account for up to 40% of total revenues of some e-commerces 

With the rapid growth of e-commerce, now more than ever e-commerces are looking into different ways to increase in app sales and monetize in-app personalized ads. This is an important revenue stream that can help e-commerce scale faster. You ask how? We got you some answers.   

Quantum, not only a fresher look, but also better priorities

Quantum worked tirelessly to launch its self-serve retail media system, QRM, to help e-commerces and apps of all sizes to provide in-app personalized ads and scale ad revenue. Quantum is on a path to become the leading ad-tech infrastructure in MENA. They highly believe they can accelerate the growth of e-commerce adoption in the region by enabling business owners to target and segment their customers via the retail media systems they built to ensure the effectiveness of running in-app ads.

“Our passion and potential grew as we grew more throughout the years. We are stretching the technical possibilities, to enable e-commerces with affordable technologies that can get ecommerce to go-to-market as fast as possible” Says Sara Binladen partner & chief technology officer. 

Although they are taking a new step to rebrand, Omar states their mission and vision stay the same. Focusing on the initial goals that drove the passion in Quantum since day one. Aspiring to Unlock e-commerce media potential and promising their clients ad technologies owned by them and for them. After all, they want you to own back control of your ads and grow it even further. 

Do you have an app/e-commerce? This is what makes Quantum the right choice for you

When we asked Omar why the potential clients should choose Quantum, He said, “On top of having the best ad tech engineers, there are two main values. One, technology is improving by the minute, and our mission is to keep you on top of it all.  Two, go-to-market is important within a timely manner, we built our ad technology around quick and easy-to-setup APIs just for that reason!” 

Basically, Quantum is your local expert in ad tech. Since they started, they have taken pride in their team and on ground years of experience with the e-commerce world to create the right solutions, based on deep market analysis. 

Interested to know more? Let’s take you on a tour, book to meet one of our ad tech experts in a consultation session here  (www.quantums.com.sa).

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