Quantum 2.0, More than Just a Makeover.

Since starting, Quantum’s company has grown into a one-of-a-kind marketplace. And had partnered with over a hundred e-commerce partners and thousands of clients. Quantum team aims to position itself among the leading ad-tech infrastructure in MENA. They highly believe they can accelerate the growth of e-commerce adoption in the region by enabling business owners to target and segment their customers via the retail media systems they built to ensure the effectiveness of running digital ads.

“Our passion and potential grew as we grew more throughout the years. This stretch of possibilities, vision, and accomplishments required us a fresh look.” Says Omar. Although they are taking a new step to rebrand, Omar states their mission and vision stay the same. Focusing on the initial goals that drove the passion in Quantum since day one. Aspiring to Unlock e-comms media potential and promising their clients ad technologies owned by them to scale, making tangible success more than possible with marketing.

Quantum team are taking all the learnings and experience across the past years and expanding on them to build a digital media ecosystem. This ecosystem focuses on the partners of Quantum to enable and empower them to unlock their media potential.  They accomplish that by helping their partners on three different layers; the marketplace, which gives access to advertising demand. The retail media, which provides the technology to enable ad tech. And finally, years of expertise in the local market and in advertising to introduce their partners to a new phase of business growth.

The main key points of the rebranding consist of huge shifts in the strategy, talent, culture, product, communication, and organization and process of Quantum. The vision for the new Quantum promises an e-commerce-focused media platform where talents are retained, and the culture is customer-driven, loud, and external. Positioning the Quantum platform and team as the e-commerce media leader in the region. That being said, the rebranding of Quantum is not only focused on marketing, But also on demand, the technology, and the educational elements that will push the entire industry to a global level.

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